The Singles

You might wonder as to the name in the corner of each photograph. It comes from a type of cloud called a nimbostratus cloud, which is dark, low-hanging, and produces rain or hail.

I’ve been fascinated with clouds since the age of seven, and it just so happens that during the summer, the state of Colorado is riddled with them. I recently got into photography this summer, and the majority of my photos are inspired by these beautiful, though sometimes violent, nimbostratus clouds.

They say that if you don’t like the weather in Colorado, wait five minutes. They couldn’t be more right! Our state is famous for its five-minute hailstorms, which brings to light another element of photography I love: the act of capturing a fleeting moment before it disappears. Photography to me is all about moments, and no matter how many photographers are out there and how long they’ve been around, the moments that we live to capture will never end.

My singles album is composed of a collection of moments for which I only captured one photo. They don’t have any brothers or sisters, yet they represent their own kind of beauty standing tall on their own.

I’m so excited to share these snapshots with you. Feel free to contact me anytime. Enjoy!

© Emily Joan Wu
Nimbostratus Photography
Taken with Canon Rebel T3i


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