Man Vs. Nature

It’s funny how when you live in a city for almost two decades, you sometimes miss the most desirable “tourist” attractions. In Boulder, those attractions come in the form of popular hiking trails such as the Royal Arch. One summer evening, my roommate and I decided to hike it on a whim.

Seems like most people enjoy hiking because they get to come face-to-face with nature. What I couldn’t help noticing, though, was the sheer presence of humankind throughout the entire hiking trail. They’re sutble–a flagstone staircase, a hole bored into a rock, a fallen tree sitting awkwardly, a large flat rock overlooking a shining city.

Every photo in this collection has something to show the dichotomy between people and nature, and even though we may exist in harmony, the worlds we come from are completely different.

© Emily Joan Wu
Nimbostratus Photography
Taken with Canon Rebel T3i
Boulder, Colorado


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