INTE 5340: Week Zero

Welcome to my new blog posts for INTE 5340, Learning with Digital Stories! Here’s an introduction to my course blog, which will be centered around photography.

Why photography?

I chose photography as my focal theme for this course because I’m passionate about it. Photography and photo editing are ways in which my life takes visual form. They allow me to express my internal thoughts and feelings through tangible images that everyone can see. The idea of photography excites me. I think it’s amazing that with the click of a button, we can capture fleeting moments and preserve them forever. The world has so much beauty to offer, and too many of us go through our entire lives without ever noticing it. Now, I’m ready to share it through my lens.

So what will every week’s blog page look like?

You’ll notice that on the home page of my blog, all my posts are separated into squares, organized by week. Click on a square for a particular week, and you’ll find that each post will include the following:

  1. Two Daily Creates for the week.
  2. My DS106 Assignment Bank creation for the week.
  3. Response from the week’s reading.
  4. Critique on a photography-based blog or digital story.
  5. Reflection on the week’s activities to wrap everything up.

Of course, I’ll be adding these things as I finish them, so parts might be missing here and there as the week goes. However, by the end of each week, you should expect to see everything here in the same order. Follow me on Twitter @nbstphotography and stay tuned for updates!

As represented in the picture, the road ahead of me will be long, but I think it’ll be rewarding. Now for the fun part…

© Emily Joan Wu

Teacher Candidate | Math
University of Colorado Denver
INTE 5340 | Summer 2016


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